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Petal’s edge


When I have my camera and see a flower in an interesting setting I’m often attracted by the colors I’ll capture in the scene.

But in this case I was attracted by the challenge.

We have a collection of white irises, the subject of my photo of the week, that bloom each spring beside our house. I happened to walk past them one afternoon and liked how the light was covering the scene so I grabbed my camera and tried to get some shots.

In this case, color wasn’t the focus. Instead I was working with lights and shadows and textures.

Philly reflection


I’ve often mentioned how I enjoy photographing reflections. That’s why a short walk through Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park turned into a much longer visit. It became my personal photography playground for a while.

Dilworth Park is a small public park on the western side of Philadelphia’s City Hall. There’s not much to it. It’s only about a half acre in size.

But it does have a fountain, the subject of my photo of the week, that’s more like a play area for small kids than a traditional city fountain. …

In the wild


I spend a number of hours carrying camera equipment through woods and fields while chasing photos of small birds. During these excursions I often encounter “non-feathered” wildlife, but anything larger than a chipmunk or squirrel can be difficult to shoot because of the long lens I’m using (Canon EF 600 f/4L with a 1.4x teleconverter, the equivalent of 840mm of glass).

At 840mm, something the size of a deer needs to be about half a football field away for me to get anything other than a head and shoulder shot.

Night heron up close


When I do wildlife photography in Florida I see a wide variety of wading birds, but its seldom when I can get this close.

I was walking through Six Mile Cypress Slough in Fort Myers, Fla., one February morning when I came across this Yellow-crowned Night Heron, the subject of my photo of the week, perched in bright sunlight on a limb about 15 feet off the boardwalk. I assumed it would fly off as I approached. Instead, it ignored me and continued to stare straight ahead.

I raised my camera with the long, imposing 600-millimeter lens attached and pointed it at the heron, assuming that would startle it. …

Taking The High Line


I enjoy taking architecture shots when we travel to different cities. There’s something about the lines and angles on buildings that makes me want to find different perspectives to turn the scene into an interesting photo.

But I have to admit that this scene, the subject of my photo of the week, surprised me.

We spent a morning walking along The High Line, a 22-block long public park in New York City built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. …