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Atlas and St. Patrick’s


It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another photo of the week and the story behind the image.

There’s a lot to see in New York City, but the scenery never changes for the statue of Atlas that stands in front of Rockefeller Center’s International Building at 50th Street and Fifth Avenue (630 Fifth Avenue).

If you stand in front of the statue and look up (as I did for a photo posted as a photo of the week last July) you see the 39-story International Building extending behind the sphere on Atlas’ shoulders. …

Female Cardinal in winter


It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another photo of the week and the story behind the image.

Male Northern Cardinals are attention-getting birds, with their brilliant red feathers, red-orange beak, black face and sharp crest. You can spot the red in green trees and bushes during the summer or against snowy backgrounds during the winter since Cardinals don’t migrate.

That’s not the case for the female Northern Cardinal. They are primarily a yellowish-brown with warm reddish tinges on the tail, crest and wings. …

Many visions of Grand Central


It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another photo of the week and the story behind the image.

This photo of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal was taken in November 2007 near the end of the morning rush.

Okay, I know I have 13 separate treatments, or versions, of the photo displayed on this page (see below). So you may be asking which is the photo I shot that November morning.

My answer would be: I shot ALL of the photos that morning. The base photograph — travelers rushing through the Main Concourse as the morning sun streams through large windows on the east side of the building — is always the same. …

Seeing light and lines


It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another photo of the week and the story behind the image.

There are many things in a scene that could cause me to lift my camera to my eye and grab a photo. But many times it comes down to two things: light and lines.

Light may be the most obvious. How is the sun hitting the subject? How do shadows play in the scene? In this 2009 photo of the Washington Monument, the low-angled November sun provided nice modeling light, which was interesting.

A variety of chipmunks


Chipmunks, the subject of my featured gallery for February, are fun to watch as they scurry through a field or rest low in a tree. They are rodents, but rodents who seem to have better PR than others in the family, like rats or mice.

So why are chipmunks cute while rats, mice and other rodents are considered to be pests?

Maybe Walt Disney deserves some of the credit … or blame.

In 1943, Walt Disney Productions created Chip and Dale, two cartoon chipmunks that appeared in 23 cartoons between 1943 and 1956, followed by their own comic books, their own TV series (Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers beginning in 1989) and appearances on more than 30 episodes of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a series that began in 2006 and still airs today.