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Looking around


It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another photo of the week and the story behind the image.

I run into a lot of helpful people when I’m on one of my photo hikes through local parks. They see me carrying a camera with a long lens, assume I’m photographing wildlife and say “I saw a deer back there on the left” or “There were some turkeys beside the trail.”

The really observant ones, and the most helpful, might point out a nest they saw or an owl or hawk blending with its surroundings while resting, things I likely would have missed without their assistance.

April showers, May flowers


If there’s any truth to the old English proverb “April showers bring May flowers” it will be a very colorful month of May where I live in Central Ohio. April has been a rainy, muddy, flooded (and cold) mess.

So maybe I’ll get to add some new photos of flowers to my files in May. Flowers are the subject of my featured gallery for the month.

I do occasionally set out to photograph flowers, putting a macro (close-up) lens on my camera to grab some flower shots in our yard. But most of my flower photographs are what I would call non-traditional captures.