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I’ve traveled far and wide to get photos for my collection.

For this one, my photo of the week, I just stepped outside the door of my house.

My wife always has a variety of flowers growing in the landscaping around the house. I’ve used them as subjects for photography many times.

On this June morning in 2013 I was contemplating cutting the grass before I headed to the gym for a workout. As I checked the grass beside the house I noticed how the midmorning sun was providing nice light on the daisies that filled the area adjacent to the house.

Heron profile


Sometimes all elements of a photograph — the lighting, the composition, the background, the subject, the pose, the colors — just work.

That’s easier to accomplish in a studio shot, where the photographer controls all the elements.

But in the wild, it takes a lot of luck. So this photo of the week is a lucky shot.

I was hiking through Six Mile Cypress Slough in Fort Myers, Fla., when I saw this Great Blue Heron resting on a floating dock in a lake. The bird was watching the water for a potential meal, so it was slowly turning its head as it surveyed the surroundings.

Church at sunrise

This photo of the week is a bit of an oddity. It’s a scene captured  — unplanned — on my way to a shot I planned that also became a photo of the week.

My wife and I visited Charleston, S.C., in February 2017. I knew before we arrived that I wanted to get a shot of a sunrise behind the Pineapple Fountainthe focal point of Charleston’s Waterfront Park along the Cooper River that has become one of the city’s most popular sites since it opened in 1990.

So the second morning in Charleston I left my hotel room well before sunrise to walk to Waterfront Park to set up for the shot.

Stream in the woods

When I head to a local park for a photo hike I’m almost always carrying the long, heavy 600 millimeter telephoto lens I use for bird photography.

The 600 millimeter is excellent for getting photos of small or distant birds or, at times, close-up views of flowers 20 feet away, but it isn’t what I would carry for other types of photography.

That’s why I’ll leave the 600 at home on some fall or winter trips and carry other lenses when my goal is to add to my collection of landscape photos.

This photo of a fall scene, my

An impressionist’s world


My wife and I went on a Viking river cruise last summer, something I would recommend highly to anyone interested in an excellent travel experience.

Our cruise began and ended in Paris, with an eight-day boat trip on the Seine River in between (we also added three days in Paris before the cruise and a train trip to London for a three-day stay in Oxford after the trip). When I reviewed the itinerary before the trip I was excited about touring the Louvre, seeing historic D-Day beaches and the American cemetery in Normandy, visiting small river towns along the Seine and seeing castles and other ancient structures.