A close look at a petunia, Hilliard, Ohio.

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Photo of the week: 11.26.23 — Philly train station

I enjoy taking architecture photos and have been known to spend time wandering the streets in a city looking for architectural scenes that have the right lines, angles, colors and lighting to create an interesting photograph. But if there’s an old train station in the city I’m drawn to it like steel to a magnet. I’ve photographed train stations in New York City, Washington .…  Continue reading

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Featured gallery: November — Tree Swallows

When it comes to wildlife photography, there’s one thing I look forward to every spring — besides warmer weather and longer periods of daylight, of course. It's the return of Tree Swallows to the fields of Central Ohio. It’s a treat to watch Tree Swallows in flight. The birds are the ultimate aerialists as they conduct acrobatic flights to pursue and catch flying insects. They dip, dive, dart …  Continue reading

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