The sun rises behind Newport Fishing Pier in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla.

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‍Photo of the week: 01.26.20 — Winter cardinal

‍Male Northern Cardinals are attention-getting birds, with their brilliant red feathers, red-orange beak, black face and sharp crest. You can spot the red in green trees and bushes during the summer or against snowy backgrounds during the winter since cardinals don’t migrate south from cold Ohio during winter months. But female Northern Cardinals  …      Continue reading

‍Featured gallery: January — Landscapes

‍I’ve captured a number of landscape or scenic photographs through the years, but it’s definitely not my speciality. I’m not a very good landscape photographer. I admit it. I accept it. And I’m trying to improve. I’ve often said that I don’t “see” landscapes like other photographers do. Where they see lines and angles and colors and symmetry, I see  …      Continue reading