The sun rises behind Newport Fishing Pier in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla.

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‍Photo of the week: 02.23.20 — Lemur eyes

‍My wife and I were visiting the impressive Toledo Zoo a couple of years ago when I noticed that this ring-tailed lemur seemed to be staring at me through the glass when I walked by.  I assumed it would change positions or move into hiding when I pointed the camera at it, but I was surprised when it continued staring. So I grabbed a couple of shots before … Continue reading

‍Featured gallery: February — Nesting herons

‍Great Blue Herons are typically solitary birds. They spend almost 90 percent of their waking time hunting for food alone in or near the water. I have hundreds of photos of Great Blue Herons hunting. There are only a few that show another animal in the vicinity, usually a duck or a turtle but never another heron. A heron’s life is an isolated existence. …      Continue reading