A frog hides in green-covered water in Slate Run Metro Park, Canal Winchester, Ohio.

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Photo of the week: 10.18.20 — Distinctive door

It’s always a treat when, while walking in a major city, I stumble upon an enclave of differentness isolated from the hustle and bustle and noise and crowds and traffic of the surrounding area. Shepherd Market, a quaint neighborhood in the Mayfair area of London, definitely fits that description. Bounded two blocks to the south by very busy Piccadilly, two blocks to the west …   Continue reading

Featured gallery: October — Looking up

I’ve learned through many years of photography that it is important to always keep my eyes moving when I’m walking through an area with my camera. Whether I’m in a city or a forest, I’m always scanning for possible photographs. I’m analyzing how light and shadows work with buildings or landscapes, how foreground elements fit into a broader composition, how  …    Continue reading