The sun rises behind Newport Fishing Pier in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla.

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‍Photo of the week: 01.19.20 — Leaves on the water

‍When I left the house well before sunrise one late October morning in 2007 I expected to spend the day photographing fall colors on trees that blanket the hillsides throughout the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. I didn’t expect my favorite autumn shot from the day to be taken looking down at water. I was strolling along a trail in Hocking Hills State Park when   …      Continue reading

‍Featured gallery: January — Landscapes

‍I’ve captured a number of landscape or scenic photographs through the years, but it’s definitely not my speciality. I’m not a very good landscape photographer. I admit it. I accept it. And I’m trying to improve. I’ve often said that I don’t “see” landscapes like other photographers do. Where they see lines and angles and colors and symmetry, I see  …      Continue reading