Travelers rush through the main concourse inside Grand Central Terminal, New York City

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Photo of the week: 06.13.21 — Red squirrel calling

Squirrel behavior can be interesting, whether they are working to defeat obstacles designed to keep them away from bird feeders or chattering and chasing each other in what appears to be a never-ending game of tag. This American red squirrel I found in a local park seemed intent on sending a message, but I have no idea what that message was. The squirrel would  …  Continue reading

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Featured gallery: June — Goldfinch

In late summer and fall the fields in local parks turn yellow. Goldenrod blooms, joining yellow flowers like Maximilian sunflowers, black-eyed susans and daisies, to form a blanket of yellow.  Often hidden in this blanket are hundreds of American Goldfinch. The birds breed in late summer, much later than other birds, when yellow flowers in the fields help camouflage their presence. …  Continue reading

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A road travels through the forest in Blendon Woods Metro Park, Westerville, Ohio.

Phone booths sitting in Shepherd Market in Mayfair, London.

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